Corporate Jargon Words That You Must STOP Using Right From Today

It is good to have a great vocabulary but using too much of jargon will ruin the communication process. Here are a few Corporate jargon words that you must stop using:

Corporate Jargon Words That You Must STOP Using Right From Today
Corporate Jargon Words That You Must STOP Using Right From Today |

1. Resources

It generally refers to human being who closely works for several departments to get the final output. It is also referred for itineraries and other things that might be required to finish the work. Example: Human Resources. Human Capital.

2. Scalable

Wondering, what could this mean? It is basically anything that can be measured or quantified. But, it isn’t possible to quantify everything. An idea is a difficult thing to quantify. Try using several tools if you can quantify or measure the outcome.

3. Ownership

This word is very often used by the employees themselves. It refers to taking the responsibilities or making oneself a part of the project or team. Every person must take their responsibility and contribute to the final result. If everyone takes the ownership of their role, the world would become a better place.

4. Customer/Client Centricity

It basically means fulfilling the needs of the customers. Yes, the business succeeds if the customers are happy. But, you do not have to use jargons to make simple things more complicated.

5. Moving Forward

You can use the word next instead of moving forward. People might get confused. It also means in the coming days

Thus, there are several other simple words that can help you to get your work done. But, people tend to use fancy words that complicates the slightest of the communication. Words are powerful and must be used at the right time and right place. The corporate world uses a lot of jargons, but it must be simplified so that more and more people understands it.

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