Can We Talk About How Much Money We Earn?
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Can We Talk About How Much Money We Earn?

Can We Talk About How Much Money We Earn?
Can We Talk About How Much Money We Earn?

Can We Talk About How Much Money We Earn?

The initial struggle is almost everywhere when you’re young and new to a job. Now when relatives, friends or even strangers ask you the million dollar question “how much money do you make?” Boom! The grenade has already exploded in our minds and some of us awkwardly reply “Not much right now, but I’m sure of getting a raise” (which obviously we have to fake). It at times feels awkward in talking about how much money we earn.

People do feel offended when asked about their salary. We seem to disclose our life long secrets! But when it comes to money, no buddy, can’t board that train right?

Are discussing wages a negative thing?

A few attempts have been made by people all over the world to eradicate misconceptions relating to salary discussions. Hashtag #talkpay was a unique platform where people got to post their salaries and discuss about it. Thousands of people tweeted and commented and it was found that even after this, people were afraid and felt highly insecure about the disclosure of their salary. Now there are some of them who are afraid that people may judge them if they disclose the too many “Zeros” in their pay. It’s not only money you discuss about in someone’s salary, it’s actually everything else.

How come money became so emotionally charged?

We see money in a way we’ve been told to see since childhood. Well that’s how some value it and some don’t. Whether we have a positive perception about money or a negative one wholly depends upon the messages we got n interpreted, about it. Life incidents or stories we relate to, about money, makes a huge psychological difference to us.

How can salary disclosure be a good thing?

A great man once said that we see the world the way we see us. Well experts actually believe that this theory should be applied to discussions regarding salary. By treating people equally no matter what digit salary they have, we can actually stimulate more people to accept it and not be naïve about it. Our salaries do not define us.

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