All About Email Bullying & Ways To Deal With It

Communication is important. Both verbal as well as non-verbal communication expresses your tone and mood. Most of the times if you have had a bad day, you would definitely choose different words.  Heard of email bullying? Have you experienced it? Here are few things that must be taken care to avoid email bullying:

All About Email Bullying & Ways To Deal With It
All About Email Bullying & Ways To Deal With It |Image: twitter @angrytumblrgirl

Pick up the phone:

If you have an issue or want to confront things, it is better to dial up the concerned person and speak it out. There is no sense in putting it in the form of an email and make an issue out of it.

Walk away:

I have taken a creative writing program and learnt that it is better to walk away and do things that would deviate our mind rather than focusing on the email. Do not respond your email in anger. Read a book, listen to a song, watch a video and refresh your mood.

Just chill:

When we are upset our anxiety level is high and there is a hormonal imbalance. You tend to become more aggressive and all your anger would be poured out in your emails. You might calm down in few minutes, but you cannot get back what you have written. Apart from that, you should not react to everything that you receive. You need to be chill at times and do not draw a conclusion. There are times when your perception would be wrong.

Thus, be careful before sending any emails to anyone. Be it a personal email or a professional one, you cannot allow anything to ruin the rapport that you share with the person. Keep a calm tone and make sure you choose the right words.Do not be rude or harsh.

Do share your email bullying experience with us (if any) along with the ways you dealt with!

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