6 Things We Should Try To Avoid Before Sleeping

I had a pretty normal day once but things didn’t seem too normal when it was time for me to hit the sack. I just couldn’t get sleep, at all. I didn’t even remember what wrong I did for this to happen. I’m sure you’ve all been there but we often tend to do a few things which affect our sleep in ways we never thought about. Well, it happens! And it’s quite normal. I often sleep late night and that’s due to my books that I work on. But not everyone writes books or works till late night, still they get hard time in falling asleep!

6 Things We Should Try To Avoid Before Sleeping
6 Things We Should Try To Avoid Before Sleeping | Image:rebloggy.com

So, here are 6 things you should avoid doing before going off to sleep in order to have a good night:

1. Eat junk food

Many of us have the habit of eating junk food right before sleeping which will only put more stress on our digestion and increase the work load. Along with giving ourselves rest, we should also give the tummy a little rest too.

2. Staring at the screens of TVs, Phones, Laptops

The blue light emitting from the screens of such devices affect our brain cells which makes it hard for the body to sleep. That’s why we need to cut down the habit of watching TV or videos before sleeping.

3. Caffeine

I had a terrible habit of having coffee after coming back home but the little I knew that It would just add up to the misery. My sleep obviously hit a home run. We should always avoid substances containing caffeine before sleeping.

4. Intense workout

There is a huge misconception among people that intense workout helps us to easily fall asleep. Working out 2,3 hours before can help, but working out right before you sleep will not only make you hungry but also increase your heart rates which will eventually take time to come down.

5. Being emotionally disturbed

There’s an old saying which our elders keep telling us “Leave aside all your problems before going to bed”. I know it’s not easy to be happy when disturbed but having a light mind helps the body to sleep in peace.

6. Working late night

Today’s youth engages in jobs which require long working hours. Long working hours affect our sleep, diet, peace of mind and eventually our sleep. Avoid working late night! (I’m trying too!)

Hope this will help you!

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