5 Important Tips To Be A More Confident Speaker

Ok! This is a different post. Actually I am getting queries from many aspiring keynote speakers and school/college students who often tell me how they get so nervous before their speech or during a debate/declamation. So I decided to help you in being a more confident speaker.

5 Important Tips To Be A More Confident Speaker
5 Important Tips To Be A More Confident Speaker

Being a motivational speaker and having being doing speaking events since past 3 years, I really feel we definitely need to be confident when we are addressing a gathering. Most of us suffer from anxiety when it comes to public speaking. So, here are 5 important tips to be more confident speaker:

1. Do not pretend to be somebody else:

The moment you try to be somebody else, you tend to ruin the speech. As a speaker you need to be natural so that you go with the flow. The moment where you try to be somebody else, you become cautious. Try to connect with the audience.

2. Practice a lot:

No matter how confident you are, a practice is a must. The more you are familiar with your presentation, the better you become. There are several groups that can help you to increase your public speaking skills. You can also volunteer certain activities and take the charge on the stage.

3. Watch TED Talks:

You can search for some TED videos on speaking. You are sure to learn from the presenters as they have specific techniques to deliver the speech and be confident on the stage. This way, you can observe several styles and adapt the ones that suits you.

4. Video yourself speaking:

If you have a limited budget, you can go with this technique. It is very simple and you do not need any additional skills to video your talk. Ask someone to shoot your presentation and you can always find out the mistakes that you have committed. There is always a room for improvement and what better way than this.

5. Know your Content:

You need to be familiar with your content so that you don’t get stuck on the stage. You do not have to memorize but be prepared with the key points. Always carry a cue-card or a paper with important points. There is no shame in that! Mostly all successful speakers carry their speech written in cue-cards.

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