5 Awesome Hidden Facebook Features That Often Go Unnoticed

Almost all of us are on Facebook and most of us are addicted to it. Yes, it is a great platform to share your photos, videos, exchange chats, comments, poke and what not. But you will be surprised to know the hidden Facebook Features. Yes, hidden features that often go unnoticed.. as we are usually busy using cliche stuff on FB.

5 Awesome Hidden Facebook Features That Often Go Unnoticed
5 Awesome Hidden Facebook Features That Often Go Unnoticed

Here are some of the best hidden Facebook features that often go unnoticed.

Facebook hidden features:


You do not have to be in friend list to poke anyone. Just go to the profile page of the person whom you want to poke, click the ellipses which is just next to the message tab. Select Poke.


Did you know that you can play chess on Facebook? When you are having a conversation, type @fbchess play, you will see a chess board. The opponent can go first. Let the game of chess begin.

Log out remotely:

There are times when you would have been using someone else’s system and might have forgotten to log out. You definitely do not want your personal information to be seen by others. What do you do?  You can login from any other system. Go to the top right-hand side and select settings and then security and choose where you are logged in.You can choose the places that you don’t want to be logged in and click the End activity.

Secretly unfriend someone:

Do not want someone to be added to your friend list, yet you have no choice? Wish there was some way out? You have the unfollow option in Facebook which makes sure that you do not see the posts of the person. And can prevent your page from getting spammed.

Make payments:

You can make payment hassle free using facebook messenger, via both desktop and mobile apps. For this, you will need to have your debit card or credit card added to your facebook account.

Thus, there are several other such features on Facebook that can be your saviour many a times. All you need to is explore Facebook and try finding out most of the features. Do share with us!

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2 thoughts on “5 Awesome Hidden Facebook Features That Often Go Unnoticed”

  1. This is so cool. I never knew before tht i can play chess on fb. Also other features were unknown to me. But i know them now .. Thanks so much for sharing this wid all of us

  2. This is so cool. I never knew i could play chess on fb. ALSO the other features r unknown to me. But now i know them. All thanx to u 🙂

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