4 English Tv Shows That Are Perfect For A Weekend Binge-Watch
4 English Tv Shows That Are Perfect For A Weekend Binge-Watch

4 English Tv Shows That Are Perfect For A Weekend Binge-Watch

Don’t want to step out on weekends? After working on all the 5 days, you definitely would want to relax on weekends and refresh yourself. There are some TV shows that you wouldn’t get bored of. Want to sit and relax and watch some TV shows at home?  Here are 4 English TV Shows That Are Perfect For A Weekend Binge-Watch:

Line Of Duty:

If you love thrill and investigation you must watch Line Of Duty where you will get to see the investigations of Police Anti-Corruption unit. The three series are already out and viewers are waiting for the fourth one. Watch all the three series on Netflix.

Game Of Thrones:

You just cannot afford to miss any season of Game Of Thrones. It is worth all the days. Most of the dialogues from this series are hit and people are using in their day-to-day life. The 6 seasons are out and the entire internet is talking about it.People say that is a soft porn. Have a watch and I am sure you will enjoy the plot.

The Night Manager:

It is a British-American series which is based on 1993 novel. It is the story of a British soldier who works for intelligence operations. The story will just compel you to watch more and more.


Do you love zombies?  Want to know how they live? iZombie is a perfect watch to create the anxiety. Liv dies and becomes a zombie. The story begins when she solves the crime by eating the brain of the deceased.

These TV shows are a must watch. Get some popcorn, invite some friends at home and watch these series. You can watch them online or download the series. Do let us know if you want to add more to this list!

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