4 Best Monsoon Health Tips Straight From My Mom

4 Best Monsoon Health Tips Straight From My Mom

Monsoons are the best time to add that lost joy in your life. And most of you must be knowing, I love monsoons like anything! The first drop of the rain is best to be felt. But Yes, you also have chances to get flu, cold, fever, allergies and other such rain problems.

4 Best Monsoon Health Tips Straight From My Mom

So, here are 4 best ways to deal with monsoons and stay healthy straight from my mom!

Drink filtered water:

You must ensure that you do not drink contaminated water. Boil the water and cool it off. Drink it whenever required. You can also take ginger tea, lemon tea, cardamom tea so that you are away from germs and bacteria. Add a pinch of turmeric in warm milk and drink it before sleeping.

Be careful with fruits and vegetables:

You have to be very choosy while using leafy vegetables as you might find larvae and worms. If you are purchasing from a local store, you will have to wash it twice or thrice as dust would have been accumulated. You can run them under water. You can take a container and add salt to it. Soak the fruits and vegetables in it. All the insects will be killed.

Take care of your digestion:

It takes a longer time to digest during the monsoons. Do not eat too much or do not eat too hard food as digestion would take a longer time. You can add more spices like turmeric, coriander, garlic, pepper and so on.

Use insect repellents:

There are high chances that you will have mosquitoes and pests at your house. Cockroaches, and termites are very common and you cannot allow pest infestation to affect  your health. You can place cloves or camphor balls at different places in your house. If the infestation is too high, you can call the professionals to help you out.

Do try these monsoon health tips… and you can thank my mom via comments section below! She is a regular readers of this blog! 😉

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