3 Ways You Are Killing Motivation! Watch Out

Motivation is a positive thing and one must try all the possible ways to stay motivated. It will allow you to perform better. You can get motivated through various sources. But, there are times when motivation doesn’t help much. You might be killing motivation if you are apart of the below:

3 Ways You Are Killing Motivation! Watch Out
3 Ways You Are Killing Motivation! Watch Out |Image:favim.com


It is good to be part of competition, but not all the times.The dire desire to win kill the motivation. If there are any prizes attached to win the competition, you will try hard to win the competition, but you may not enjoy the process of winning. Your motivational levels may not be high.


Aren’t there times when you are appreciated for your work and you feel good about it? You will become so used to receiving praises such that you will try impressing the person every time to perform something .This will kill the zeal in you and you will start limiting your ideas. Your main focus will only be to receive praises and not to learn more and achieve more.


Are you the one who hates coming out of the comfort zone? Are you the one who doesn’t take accountability and hold others’ as responsible when things do not work well. Do you think you are an under-performer? And, yes you are responsible for your performance and not anybody else. If you do not tune in with yourself, nothing can keep you motivated. You need to have adequate goals and train yourself in that field.

Thus, one should stay motivated and avoid things that causes stress. Be the person you are and do not give up when situation arises. Avoid working for competitions, rewards, praises and other such things that will kill your motivation.Do share your feedback with us.

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