3 Tested Ways To Speak Up And Be Heard

3 Tested Ways To Speak Up And Be Heard

Our voices are very powerful and we must use it effectively to be heard.  Most of the times we underestimate the power of our own voices and consider is merely a way to communicate. But let us remind you that it reflects your personality.There are also of ways to speak up and be heard.

3 Tested Ways To Speak Up And Be Heard
3 Tested Ways To Speak Up And Be Heard |

Therefore, here’s sharing the 3 ways to speak up and be heard:

1. Be louder:

The pitch and the tone plays a high role in influencing others. If you want your words to have an impact on others you need to use a higher tone and pitch. Thus, when you have to request someone, your tone and pitch needs to be low. Likewise, if you have to command someone you have you can raise your pitch.

2. Listen to the radio:

Yes, the best way to focus in what you are speaking is to listen to the way the anchor speaks. They stress on the right words and they pause wherever it is required.  Therefore, the pitch variation is very important and you need to work upon it.

3. Relax your jaw and breathe:

You can relax and breathe in and out. Now  try pronouncing your name the way James Bond does. You need to tone your voice as per the situation. If you are dealing with the Americans, the accent has to be different. If you are dealing with the Indians, your accent has to be different. And, if you are a working professional you need to focus on your voice and accent.

There are several books that are written on ways to improve your speaking power. Also, you can also go through several articles and videos to get an understanding of voice and pitch. Try following the ways and adapt to it.

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