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Roadtrip -Tour De Ladakh, Via Manali – Travel Dates: 11 July To 27 July

Tour De Ladakh, Via Manali – Travel Dates: 11 July To 27 July

Hello people!

Right now as I write this post, I am sitting in hotel room in Shimla and sipping amazing Himanchali herbal tea. Trust me, this tea is amazing. And when it comes from a person like me who is not a fan of teas, you have to trust on this!

Anamika Mishra

I know I am kinda late in updating you all with my travel plan but to tell you all, its been mad catching up with family in Delhi (as they were coming from Kanpur) and then driving to Shimla. If you follow me on snapchat (mi_anamika), instagram or facebook, you must know as I am quite active there!

YAY! I am so excited for this trip. It was the most awaited road trip of mine with my family. Travelling with family has its own charm. You are pampered for everything and at a same point, you get to manage things which is quite a combination/experience.

So, here is my travel plan:

11 July: Delhi to Shimla

12-13-14: Shimla

15 July: Travel ~ Shimla to Manali

15-16-17-18: Manali – Kullu – and nearby places

18 July: Travel ~ Manali to Sarchu – night hault in Sarchu

19 July: Travel ~ Sarchu to Leh

19-20-21: Leh and nearby places

21 July: Travel ~ Leh to Pangong – night hault in Pangong

22 July: Travel ~ Pangong to Leh

22-23-24: Leh and sight-seeing

24 July: Travel ~ Leh to Jispa, night hault in Jispa

25 July: Travel ~ Jispa to Manali

26 July: Travel ~ Manali to Chandigarh

27 July: Travel ~ Chandigarh to Kanpur.

This is my plan. We made some major modification in our plan as previously we had to had travel to Sri Nagar via Kargil from Leh (after coming back from Pangong) but we had to cancel it because of recent riots in Sri Nagar. Also, previously I was planning for Chandigarh to Delhi, but then I decided to visit home… thus Chandigarh to Kanpur! (I am missing Ronnie in this tour.)

So this was my tour! Join me on my social channels and stay updated.

Take care!

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