4+ Things That Motivate Me To Work For My Dreams

There are lot of things that motivate me. There are times when I am feeling low and depressed and do not know what to do next. I go back to my list of things that motivates me and work on it. Here are 4 things that motivates me to work for my dreams:

4+ Things That Motivate Me To Work For My Dreams
4+ Things That Motivate Me To Work For My Dreams | image:favim.com

A good book:

I always love reading and a good book is always my best friend. I connect myself to the book and feel great about it. Thus, my mood is instantly changed. There are several genres and I choose the books depending upon the time and place I am at.

A good movie:

Movies are just not meant for entertainment but also inspiration. There are several movies that can help you to focus about the purpose of your life. I like goal oriented movies. I like movies based on sports. I personally prefer art movies that leaves a message for the society. However,  when I am sad, I prefer watching humorous movies.

Taking a walk:

Yes, nature plays a major role in life. I always feel connected to nature. I prefer taking an early morning walk or an evening walk and breathe some fresh air. I feel energized and motivated to take up the next challenge. If you have extra time you can also go for a trek in the mountains.

Role models:

Yes, there are people who inspires me as well. There are few successful entrepreneurs who have left a deep impact in my life. And, I love watching their speeches, reading about them, know their thought process and so on. My role models are Paulo Coelho and Robin Sharma.

I am also motivated by good deeds. I like people who help the unknown, who accepts the challenges, take risks and so on. If you are demotivated, you can also try out my success mantra and stay motivated.

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