How To Take Care Of Pets During Monsoon?

I am a big pet lover and my love for dogs is now known to the entire world! My pet’s name is Ronnie. He is cute furry white dog. Most of you must me knowing that I love monsoon and same way Ronnie too loves to watch the rain fall. Sounds weird but its true. Mostly dogs run away from water, but Ronnie is different.

During monsoon, animals are easily prone to water borne diseases and infections. In today’s article, I will share important tips to take care of pets during monsoon.

How To Take Care Of Pets During Monsoon?
How To Take Care Of Pets During Monsoon?

During rainy season cold, cough, vomiting and pneumonia are very common diseases that pets easily catch. Dogs usually face fungal diseases commonly known as malassezia. It results to itchy skin, burns and rashes. Here are some really important things to keep in mind for your pets during monsoon:

  • Take your pet to vet regularly.
  • You must give your pet De-wormming tablets or injections as per vet’s advice.
  • You must avoid giving cold water to your pets. Oily food, chicken and meat must also be avoided as it can easily upset their digestive system.
  • Avoid taking your pets to long walk, especially at places where water logging is there.
  • Give your pet regular bath using antiseptic shampoo.
  • If your dog faces the problem of hair fall, itchiness or you get any sort of foul smell, consult a vet immediately.
  • Regular nail clipping, ear cleaning, grooming and dental checkup its must.
  • Make sure you include lots of fiber in your pet’s diet.
  • Avoid giving too much food as they won’t go out for walk, so digestion of heavy food can create a problem.
  • Provide dry bedding and try to make them comfortable.
  • Buy socks, shoes, raincoats for your pets. You can get them online easily.

Pets are a part of family. Treat them in a very caring and loving way. I really hope these tips must have helped you in some way. Do share with the ones who have pets at their homes.

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