3 Years Of TOO HARD TO HANDLE, People!

3 Years Of TOO HARD TO HANDLE, People!

Too hard to handle – 3rd Book Anniversary!

I am so happy today! 3 years back, same day my debut novel Too hard to handle was released. Life drastically changed since then. I really want to thank each and every one of you for being with me and supporting me in this journey of mine. I promise I will try to improvise and write better!

3 Years Of TOO HARD TO HANDLE, People!
3 Years Of TOO HARD TO HANDLE, People!

Without any doubt, VoiceMates have been the best of my works so far, but Too hard to handle will always remain special for me as it was my first novel. Many of you have joined this journey of mine after my VoiceMates was released, so here’s the book blurb for all the ones who have no idea about my debut novel Too hard to handle:

Anushree Sharma is twenty five, uninitiated in the matters of love, and endlessly confused about her life’s decisions. She is getting married to Vivaan Mathur. But after getting officially engaged she realizes that Vivaan should know about her past which is full of blames on her, series of misunderstandings, betrayal from friends, innocent crushes, stupid decisions etc. She is in dilemma till she finds a way out –a diary. But there is something else written in her fate!
How fate turns up out of the blue and how it can change one’s life forever is the story of Too hard to handle.

A sweet, simple yet an intriguing novel trying to find out what is more important in a relationship –Past, Present or future and what happens when you try to mess with the flow of life.

Grab Too hard to handle e-book from here: http://www.amazon.in/dp/B00IZKXX6A

Sincere thanks to all my readers, for being with me and accepting me the way I am and appreciating my efforts to entertain you and enhance you life through my writing and speaking. I promise I won’t let you down!


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