Why Trying Is More Important Than Succeeding?

Success is never ending and failure is never final. Success is always a journey and you should cherish it. Most of the times we are so focused on success that we forget enjoying the entire journey.

Why Trying Is More Important Than Succeeding?
Why Trying Is More Important Than Succeeding? | image:tumblr.com

It is said that one must try till one has no reasons to give up. Ask any successful person and they would say that the mere reason of their success is their never giving up attitude. They try all the possible ways till they reach to a conclusion. Success is mastery over something.

When you form your own goals and dreams, you must not only focus on the end results  but also the process to achieve it. Sometimes the process of reaching to achieve success teaches you lot many things than the success itself. There are many ups and downs in the process of success  and you shouldn’t give up in the mid.

It is not necessary that you would success if you want something in life. But does that mean you would stop trying. If you aren’t succeeding in your work, it doesn’t mean that you have failed. It is just a way to learn different things while you were trying to reach your goal.There are times when people keeps trying and they do not succeed. They leave the process mid-way.

Thus, try out things only when you are determined. If you have the guts to face criticism and failure, only then you will be successful. When you start a new concept or deal with a new idea, you are sure to face many oppositions. But if you have strong will power, you are sure to face all of these and attempt things till you succeed.

Thus, try try till you succeed!

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