What Happened When I Gave Up Shopping For A Week

Shopping is a de-stresser, isn’t it? For me it is! I am big shopaholic. Then why didn’t I try this experiment? There are times when we go for shopping because we need to buy things and there are times when we are just tempted to buy the products though we may not need it. Wondering how to control impulse shopping? Just try out not to shop for a week and see the changes in you. I tried and didn’t shop (online and offline both) for a week. Here’s what happened!

What Happened When I Gave Up Shopping For A Week
What Happened When I Gave Up Shopping For A Week | image:wesharepics.info

When I stopped shopping for a week, it was a reality check for me. The first thing that i did was clean my wardrobes, just to find out that there are ample clothes that I haven’t used at all. I arranged my wardrobe and found out that there is no space for any new ones. Thus, I had to take this experiment and see how things can turn up for me If I don’t shop for a week.

I saved a lot of money during the entire week. There were times when i used to go out for a walk and randomly buy stuff, just because i liked it. The week that I didn’t shop, I realized that i saved upto 5k. Isn’t that cool? I was more financially secured that week.

Thirdly, i could save ample amount of time. I used  to spend hours and hours in shopping. I love street shopping and use to wander here and there just to check out the new stuff. I never realized the time that my chopping used to consume. I also used to check online websites and was caught by my manager couple of times.

Thus, if you haven’t experimented without shopping, you must try out. You will be at peace and can save your hard earned money. Do share your input with us and let us know how do you control impulse shopping! And for now, please excuse me! I have items to order from my wishlist.

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