Should You Hang Out With Co-Workers Outside The Office?

A million dollar question, isn’t it? Most of the times we are so confused whether to hang out with our colleagues or not? Some of us do continue the friendship outside the office whereas some of us don’t. Here are few things to be considered:

Should You Hang Out With Co-Workers Outside The Office?
Should You Hang Out With Co-Workers Outside The Office?

Comfort zone:

If you are working in a team, you need to be comfortable with each other. You need to communicate and discuss things, know about strengths and weakness and so on. This will help you to work together. However, do not get personal.


Hanging out with your colleague isn’t healthy all the times. If there are difference of opinions or fights, it will kill the work environment. Do not connect emotionally with your colleagues if you are in the same team or the department.


We all love our friends and long for them. We miss them at workplace. What if your colleagues become your friend? Happiness is the result. You will be more productive and can always discuss work issues with your friends.

Exchange of ideas:

If you are in good terms with your colleague, you can always discuss work with him or her. If you need to learn any tool or need any help in the task, you can always approach them. You will never feel insecure if you have colleague cum friend.

Employee retention:

It is true that when you share a strong bond with your colleagues, you are comfortable at your workplace. You do not feel like quitting. This leads to a higher employee retention level.

Thus, it is always a personal choice whether  you want to hang out with your colleagues or not. Ensure that it doesn’t affect your productivity and you become a better person.

Let us know what do you think?

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