My Strength, Guide & Companion- My Mom! #NeverLetsYouDown Ft. Lava Mobiles

My Strength, Guide & Companion- My Mom! #NeverLetsYouDown Ft. Lava Mobiles

Before I begin to write this post, I would to say something. Mom is above all. She is the reason why you are alive and reading this post right now. Yesterday, I was watching some youtube videos and saw that there are so many people (including Indians) who have made videos in which they were making fun of their moms. Sad! The way your mom speaks, the way she thinks or the way she walks… it might not match-up to what your persona is, but that doesn’t mean that you will make fun of her. She is your mom and you should respect her, no matter what!

My mom is my strength. She always inspires me, motivates me and supports me for all my life or career related decisions. She is my perfect companion with whom I can chill, go shopping, read, dance, and cook, do gossip and lots.

My Strength, Guide & Companion- My Mom! #NeverLetsYouDown Ft. Lava Mobiles
My Strength, Guide & Companion- My Mom! #NeverLetsYouDown Ft. Lava Mobiles

I proudly say that I depend on my mom unconditionally and I count on her. She is the one who can never let me down and will stand with me even when the world is against me.

Though there are zillions of reasons why my mom is THE ONE for me, I am going to list 7 reasons only. (Of-course, this is blog post and not a book… 7 reasons are okay for 1 post)

  1. I can always count on her as she always makes sure that I am in good spirit. I feel I am beyond blessed to have her as my mom.
  2. …and when I run out of money, I know I can take her credit card!
  3. She is my first and most loyal reader. I know this is because she knows that every time she tells me she has read my article/book, I will feel encouraged. Yes, she reads ALL my articles (and whatever I write)
  4. She is always there to discuss my problems. And she has got the best advises to offer. At times, we both don’t agree on a certain point, but still we end up with a solid solution to the problem.
  5. She supports my career decisions.
  6. She is that one person who is always ready to go for shopping with me. Yes, I love shopping with my mom.
  7. She reminds me my worth. Whenever I feel down, she is always there to charge me back and remind that God has a bigger plan in store for me.

I wish I could write more. Someday I will write a book where I will express everything that is inside my heart for my mom.

Do share the reason why you can depend on your mom unconditionally via comments section below! Talking of which, you will be happy to know that Lava mobiles have been proudly listed as one of the most trusted brands in India. It simple #NeverLetsYouDown!

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