Blogmint – Platform Breaking The Wall Between Bloggers & Brands

Hello all!

Hope you people are doing well! Today I am going to talk about Blogmint and my experience of being a part of it.

For all those who don’t know, Blogmint is a brand, blogger and influencer marketplace. It connects bloggers, influencers and brands directly. While brands can connect with the influencer or blogger of the required niche, bloggers or social media influencers get opportunity to work with some of the best brands.

It’s been more than a year since I got associated with blogmint. I really like the platform because of it’s ease-of-access. Here, you can decide with which brand you want to work and can quote your price. Also, one can directly connect with the brand and discuss the campaign. The real-time stats of the blog also helps understand the reach of the post.

Blogmint - Platform Breaking The Wall Between Bloggers & Brands
Blogmint – Platform Breaking The Wall Between Bloggers & Brands | image:YouQueen

Unlike other platforms, Blogmint’s payment policy is really good. All you need to do is save your bank account details once. The payment is transferred directly to your account after a week or two.

I have also experienced Blogmint as a brand. My Book PR company has used the platform to promote my novel VoiceMates and I am really happy with the results. We were able to target the apt social media influencers and we got our work delivered on the desired date and time.

The website is easy to use and anyone with little knowledge of internet can use it.

All in all, it’s a good platform for both, brands and influencers. So, if you are a blogger or social media influencer.. and want to earn some extra bucks from doing what you really love, you must sign up to Blogmint for some really good work opportunities.

You can CLICK HERE to sign up. It’s fast and easy!

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