Bad Habits That Can Make Us #Productive

Bad Habits That Can Make Us Productive: The Other Side Of Procrastination!

Talk about procrastination and everyone considers it to be a bad habit. It is always told that one should stay away from laziness and  postponement of things. But ever thought, if the same procrastination can add meaning to your life. Here are some reasons why procrastination is good:

Bad Habits That Can Make Us Productive
Bad Habits That Can Make Us Productive |

It helps in broadening knowledge:

What  is the use of doing things that aren’t productive? Whether you are learning through social media platforms or Quora, as long as you are productive, it makes ample sense.

You will figure out what you love:

You delay your work because you are busy surfing through the websites or reading things that interests you. Ever wondered what makes you to delay your work? Are you so much into activity that you do not mind delaying an activity? Probably, sooner or later you will find your passion in life. And, aren’t you supposed to do what you want in life.

It helps in getting new ideas:

As you are delaying your work, you are thinking about other things. The other things could be an idea, a new hobby, learning and so on. It could be a long pending blog post or a video idea or a script that you always wanted to write.

It helps you to connect to the world:

Yes, the more and more you read, write, generate hobbies, participate in social media platforms or forums, you are likely to be connected to the world. You will get to meet more and more people. You can discuss your ideas with like-minded people.

Thus, next time if you think procrastination is a bad thing, you need to re-think it. All you need to know is your procrastination shouldn’t hamper others. Do share your feedback with us.

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