5 Things To Do Before Unplugging For The Weekend

Are you ready for your weekend? Do you have a lot of plans? Hold on! Did you check how your week went by? Don’t be in too much rush to enjoy the weekend. Take a pause and do these 5 things before unplugging for the weekend:

5 Things To Do Before Unplugging For The Weekend
5 Things To Do Before Unplugging For The Weekend image:iownthen8.tumblr.com

1. Celebrate your wins:

How did your week go? Did you finish all the work? If yes you deserve to celebrate your weekend. If not, try finishing your task in the weekend so that you don’t have to carry it forward over the next week.

2. Hold a team meeting:

Fridays are very crucial. Hold a team meeting to find out if the week’s task is done so that you can assign new task on Monday. Keep your agenda ready. Let the minutes be ready so that you can have a look later.

3. Send two thank-you notes:

As a business person, you have lot many people to deal with. And yes certain people deserves appreciation. Choose 2 people from your company or your clients and send them a thank you note.

4. Clean your desk:

A true professional ensures that the work station is clean. You can declutter your desk and ensure that is is tidy before you start your next working day. Throw  the unnecessary papers in the dustbin. Check the files and place them at the right places.


If you keep working without even giving a thought about it, you cannot grow. You need to stop and reflect on things that you have done in the week. Find out what went wrong and how it can be improved. Plan out the strategies and connect yourself to the goals. Think and ponder over it!

Thus, weekends are not always meant for fun. Sometimes, it is meant to ponder over self and think where you are heading.

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