5 Awesome Live Apps To Maintain Fitness Which Even Celebrities Use

Maintaining fitness is really important. Especially, when we are always occupied by technology and hardly get time to take fitness classes or head to gym. But if we think smartly, even technology can help us maintain our fitness. Now first tell me, what’s that one thing which is always with us? Yes! It’s our smartphone. iPhone, android or windows, whatever the OS be, almost everyone of us has smartphone. We hardly realize but even smartphones can help us maintain our fitness. There are so many fitness apps that are used by many of us in order to maintain our fitness. Not just us, but even models and celebrities use fitness apps.

5 Awesome Live Apps To Maintain Fitness Which Even Celebrities Use
5 Awesome Live Apps To Maintain Fitness Which Even Celebrities Use | image:favim

In this post, I am going to talk about top 5 Live Apps To Maintain Fitness Which Even Celebrities Use:

1. #fame

Many of you must be aware about #fame. It is live streaming app which is used by so many models and celebrities. It’s one of the best live gym training apps where you can watch the trainers performing live. You can also chat with them and ask questions directly while they perform. This is really helpful as if you are not getting any yoga asana or any exercise move properly or you have any doubt, then you can ask the trainer directly. You can also workout with celebs like Soha Ali Khan. There are so many experts (who often talk in your own language) to follow which will surely inspire you to work out better and maintain fitness. Not just the app but #Fame also has a website https://fame.live/ where you can watch live streaming. Also, from the#fame website, you can interact with the experts live just like you discuss when you interact in-person. You can directly watch the live sessions or login from the website sp that you get notified when the expert is live on #fame. One thing that I really liked is the search option. You can directly enter the keyword like yoga, aerobics, exercise, gym etc. and watch the videos or live sessions.

2. Livestream

Livestream is yet another popular live streaming app. Here you can search, explore and stream your favorite fitness expert. There are thousands of broadcasters from all across the world. You can watch live yoga and get live yoga tips on the app itself.

3. Ustream

Ustream is a very useful app for live yoga and work-out sessions. Here, you can discover upcoming events and performances on your smartphone or tablet and follow it. Influencers from all across the world share their cents on yoga and fitness there. You can also record your videos and re-share the recorded ones.

4. CameraFi Live

Next on my list is CameraFi Live. It is a lot more similar to other live streaming apps but the only difference is you can watch live streaming not just on the smartphones or tablets but also on USB camera.

5. YouNow

Last but not the least on my list of awesome live apps for fitness is YouNow. You can watch live work-out plans online and watch live yoga by the fitness experts from all around the world. The best feature of YouNow is you can interact with many like-minded people and industry fitness experts who will not just show you the right way but will also solve your queries.

 So this my list of 5 Awesome Live Apps To Maintain Fitness Which Even Celebrities Use. I really hope you found this post helpful.

Take care and stay fit!

image source: tumblr.com

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