Why The Big City Isn’t Necessarily Where Dreams Come True

Why The Big City Isn’t Necessarily Where Dreams Come True

Most of us think that being in a big city can have additional benefits to life. Yes, it does, but there is no guarantee that your dreams will get fulfilled. There is always a culture difference if you move to a bigger city. No doubt, the opportunities are endless, but are you willing to pay a price for it? Here are some reasons:

Why The Big City Isn't Necessarily Where Dreams Come True
Why The Big City Isn’t Necessarily Where Dreams Come True | image:


When you move to a bigger city, you need to be in a position to spend more. The cities are more expensive in terms of food, lodging and transport. Your expenses are going to double and you must be in a position to take care of your expenses. If you aren’t able to afford it, sooner or later you will regret your decision to moving to a big city, if you have any big opportunity in your hand.


Are you happy after moving to a bigger city? Are you homesick? There are times when I have missed my family and closed ones as I used to stay away from them. Yes, staying in a big city to chase your dream comes with a cost. You might have roommates or flatmates, but they can never replace your family members. Often this affects the work and disturbs the pace of dream-chase.


If you move to a big city, you definitely will be exposed to several things.You will also have several opportunities to prove your worth. The negative aspect to this is the competition. There is tough competition outside  and you shouldn’t give up till you prove the best. Are you adaptable to the changes?

Thus, when you try moving to a big city, there isn’t any guarantee of things getting better. You must take a better decision so that you don’t regret. Be it your work or education, explore the city before moving to it.

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