Why Breaking Up With Friends Is More Painful

Why Breaking Up With Friends Is More Painful

There are times when we do not talk with our friends for years and years, that’s a break-up. At times, because of a miscommunication or a silly fight, best friends walk away leaving each others’ hands forever. It is painful. Trust me I know that feeling. I have been through lots of breakups with friends and it hurts every single time. Even, research says that breaking up with friend is more painful than with a partner. But why? Answer to why breaking up with friends is more painful is here:

Why Breaking Up With Friends Is More Painful
Why Breaking Up With Friends Is More Painful | image:pinterest

You grew up together:

There are high chances that you have grown up in the same locality, gone to same school, had same friends, played together and almost got the same marks. Remembering those moments gives a sense of achievement, isn’t it?

You know secrets:

Best friends are the ones with whom we share our secret with. They know about the first crush, the first time you flunked in a subject, your tuition classes, the time you cheated in an exam and so on.


Friends are the support system and we are dependent on them. Be it a financial help or your daru party or to convey your message to your love, we do not hesitate asking our besties. A break-up with friends means a loss of support system.

Long conversation:

Yes, we never get bored of talking with our friends for hours and hours. The conversation passes through several topics and we cannot keep a control on time. There are roars of laughter around the place, such is the joy of being with our friends. Suddenly if there is break-up with such friends, you tend to miss them a lot.


Yes, your friends don’t judge you. You can speak anything to them without being judged. You can open up to them and let them know what is bothering you.

Yes, it isn’t easy to let go your friends as they have become a part of your life. But, if you have gone through such a phase… I would suggest you to move on!

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