Ways Of Complimenting People Without Making Them Feel Awkward

We would love to start our day with compliments, isn’t it? Be it a compliment for looking pretty, or having a beautiful smile, compliments are a must. But there are people who makes the compliments as sarcasm. Here are ways of complimenting people without making them feel awkward:

Ways Of Complimenting People Without Making Them Feel Awkward
Ways Of Complimenting People Without Making Them Feel Awkward | image source: 99volo

No fake compliments:

Yes, if you do not feel the right way, do not compliment them. There is no use in faking compliments and being getting caught later on. Nobody likes fake compliments and you might end up losing the person as well.

Look them in the eye:

A compliment is made to make someone feel good and to embarrass them. Look into their eyes and compliment them. It will add more weight to it. It shows that your words are genuine.

Compliment at the right time:

You definitely do not want to compliment somebody at a funeral or when someone has been fired. Thus, ensure that you choose the right time to compliment the right person. If your timings are wrong, your compliment will be taken in a different meaning altogether and it will irritate the person more than making them happy.

No hidden meaning please:

Some people aren’t straight with the compliments. You do not have to beat around the bush just to compliment them. Be crisp and let them know that they are looking best or has done a great job and so on.

Do not stare:

This is one of the common mistakes of fakers. They keep staring in the eyes or at the body parts, just to make the other person feel bad. If you are complimenting a female, you better be careful.

Do follow these tips while complimenting others and see the difference. Let us know your input.

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