Thyrocare Service Review

Thyrocare- World’s Largest Preventive Healthcare Laboratory Review

Thyrocare- World’s Largest Preventive Healthcare Laboratory Review

Health is priority. Therefore, it is very important that we take care of our health. We all are aware of the fact that cities are polluted which makes us more prone to the diseases. Also, most of us have a junk-food diet and an unhealthy lifestyle which also makes us fall sick.

It is very important that we undergo full body health check-ups. Talking of which, I would like to share my experience with Thyrocare.

Thyrocare Service Review


Thyrocare Service Review
Thyrocare Service Review

But before this, I would like to introduce Thyrocare to all those who don’t know about it. Thyrocare is world’s largest pathology and diagnostic lab. It is India’s most advanced fully automated laboratory having its strong presence in more than 2000 cities/towns in the India and growing internationally.

While discussing about important health tests, one of my friends suggested Thyrocare to me. I researched on web to know more about it. I was surprised to see the variety of packages available on Thyrocare for regular health check-ups. I was also surprised to know that they are serving over 40,000 people on daily making lakhs customers in a month from all across their centers.

The website was really easy-to-navigate and offered all important information about the tests available, packages and procedure. All you need is to book a test and they will co-ordinate with you and the service provider for the service.

Book an appointment:

Yes, you just need to register on their website, or call them in order to book your appointment. You can book a test by sending your details like name, address etc. via email or whatsapp. You can pay online for it or opt for cash payment as well which can be paid during sample collection. And the best part is… blood samples are collected from home and reports are delivered at your place. Means you don’t have to step out of your home for the tests.

My experience:

I opted for preventive body health checkup package called as Aarogyam B Package which costs INR 1700.

It included following 71 tests:

Lipid Profile (8) | Liver Profile (11)| Kidney Profile (5) | Homocysteine | Iron Deficiency (3) | Thyroid Profile (3) | Diabetic Screen (2) | Vitamin D total | Complete Hemogram (28)| Toxic Elements (9)

At first, I was very nervous about taking up these tests but when the representative explained the process to me, I felt like okay! I should go for it.

I was in touch with their representative, I directly booked on phone.

Once you discuss the stuff over a phone call, an appointment is fixed for the collection of your samples. Then on the given date and time, they collect the sample from you right from your doorstep.

Reports are generated in 48 hours and an auto-generated email is sent to the customer. If you want an additional hardcopy of your reports, you can get it by paying an extra charge of INR 35 only.

What I really liked about Thyrocare is the ease through which they conduct the tests. Their timely response and coordination for appointment booking and the process is really quick.

And yes, Thyrocare Aarogyam packages are really affordable.

Yay or Nay?

All in all, I recommend getting your preventive health checkups done through Thyrocare. This, not just makes you aware about the current state of your body but will also help you in curing the health problems timely, if any.

I wish good health for all of you!

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  • Joe

    Hi Anamika,

    Your review is really good as make me aware to change my mind that preventive health check ups are costly.I have elderly parents and to take them along to blood test is not always possible.
    After reading your review .. I just searched Thyrocare on Google . I discovered that they also have thyrocare app .
    I downloaded it and booked the test and on next day the blood collection guy was it our doorstep.

    I have availed services of other diagnostic centers in past but what I discoved that Thyrocare offers the services at which are fast and reliable .

    Thank you for the review at was very helpful indeed !

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