Serious Health Hazards Of Prolonged Sitting

Serious Health Hazards Of Prolonged Sitting

If you have taken a desk job or are in a job that constantly demands you to sit for longer hours, it is high time you have given a thought about it. There are serious health hazards if you sit for prolonged hours.

Serious Health Hazards Of Prolonged Sitting
Serious Health Hazards Of Prolonged Sitting image:tumblr


You will tend to put on weight if you do not take frequent breaks. Snacking is a bad habit and the extra calories will be stored in the form of fat cells. Avoid too much of snacking and take breaks.

Heart Disease:

If you do not carry out any cardiovascular activities, you will end up attracting heart diseases. It is found out that people who sit for prolonged hours are 54% more riskier to heart attacks than those who carry out exercises.

Risk of cancer:

There are high chances of colon and breast cancer if you sit for longer hours as the C-Reactive Protein is higher in those who sit for longer hours.

Varicose Veins:

Contraction of varicose veins is possible if you sit for longer hours.


The glucose levels must be monitored in the body to avoid diabetes. There are Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes and people who sit for longer hours tend to attract Type 2 diabetes. The ability to regulate glucose level in the body diminishes if you do not carry out any exercise.

Apart from all these, you will also feel lazy throughout the day if you sit for longer hours. All you can do is take a break in every 1 hour for 10 minutes. You can get up from your desk to use the loo, drink water or just take a walk. Do not risk your health as you will attract more and more diseases over a period of time.

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