Reasons Why Traditional Indian Bathrooms Are Good For Health

India has been popular across the world for its rich heritage and culture. But have ever thought that India could be known for the bathrooms as well. Yes, it is high time we have been boasting about the bathrooms. Here are some reasons for Indian bathrooms to be the best:

Reasons Why Traditional Indian Bathrooms Are Good For Health
Reasons Why Traditional Indian Bathrooms Are Good For Health | image:

You do not have be always thinking about the showers and tubs just to take a bath. Indian bathrooms allow you to use bucket. You will find them almost in all the bathrooms irrespective of the bathtubs and shower. If you are yet to take the bucket shower, you must be missing something great. Try it out!

The window ledges of the Indian bathroom are worth seeing. You will get to see soaps, oils, shampoos, conditioners, scrubber and what not. What an effective way of utilizing the window ledges!

If you want to prevent colon cancer, you must always opt for Indian styled toilets. If you squat and release your pressure, your poop would be clear and your anal muscles will be strong as well. Ditch that bloody western toilets and go desi.

Most of the bathroom floors are granite oriented. No longer you have to take extra efforts to scrub your feet? We enter the bathrooms empty feet, hence take little time and scrub your feet on the granite. Let the dead shells be taken away from the body.

You do not have to be worried about tripping over the shower curtain again and again as most of the Indian bathrooms doesn’t have one.

You will see a floor wiper for sure in every Indian bathroom. It’s because leaving the water on bathroom floor is considered to be bad. So, usually Indian bathrooms have a floor wipe to clear the water.

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