Reasons Why People Start Smoking Which Is Bad

We all know smoking is injurious to health, yet some start smoking. Most of the times people start smoking due to peer pressure. They would have started out of fun, but soon it becomes a habit (and a bad addiction). Here are few reasons why people start smoking:

Reasons Why People Start Smoking Which Is Bad
Reasons Why People Start Smoking Which Is Bad

To look Cool:

Weird but true!Many people think that a cigarette in a hand looks cool. But that many not be the case all the times. You cannot risk your lungs to look cool,can you? Once you start smoking, you will start coughing sooner or later. Your actions make your look cool and not a cigarette in a hand.

To take a break:

All of us work monotonously and we need to get up from the seat and take  a break. People take cigarettes as a reason to take  a break. Most of the employees have sutta time options in their office.

Making friends:

Yes, socializing is the need of the hour. None of us want to be the odd one out. Hence, we start giving the company to other people just to be a part of the group and make friends.

The nicotine effect:

You might love the nicotine that you inhale while taking a puff. It is kind of an addiction and releases your stress. It gives you a feel good factor.


If you have always seen the ozone of smoke coming out from the mouth of others, you would also feel like experiencing it. Though, people might insist you on not doing so, you would want to give a try. Hence, the habit of smoking begins.

The other reasons could be to kill time, get sleep, smoke after a read, pressure issues and so on. As I always say (and believe) that trying anything is not bad, but addiction is bad. So, if you smoke… that’s okay! But don’t become addicted to it. It’s really bad and I know, you know it already.

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