Really Common Reasons For Showing Late To Work

Time management is very essential when we talk about office work. Be it your reporting time, meeting time, lunch break or exit time, you must adhere to it. But, it hardly happens. Here are some really common reasons to show up late to work:

(I think now even the bosses and seniors know that it’s just an excuse!)

Really Common Reasons For Showing Late To Work
Really Common Reasons For Showing Late To Work

The next time you are late to office, carry a box of sweet to distribute at your office. Wondering what reason can you give? Yes, your dog gave birth to puppies last night and you wanted to be around.

If you haven’t been performing from couple of months, isn’t it time to think about it? Yes, you need to talk to your boss and let him know that you are feeling low and want to find out the reasons for being a low performer. You might be late the next day as you really need to think.

The door was accidentally locked and the key was inside. This is one of the most common reason for reaching late to office. And no this is not an excuse as it happens in reality  most of the times. Go ahead, if you want to fake it.

Dreams! Yes, these dreams that do not allow us to work. It is said that the early morning dreams will turn into reality. What better excuse than this to reach late at office? Tell your boss that you were already dreaming about working in the office,hence it took time to realize that it was just a dream.

You had to stand in the queue for long time to pack your breakfast. If your boss is a bachelor, he will surely understand you.

Traffic jam! The most common problem!

Do you have any other common (or silly) excuse for reaching? Do share via comments section below.

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