Little Real Life Things That Makes You Realize How Time Flies By

We cannot be teen or twenty-something throughout the life. As time passes by, we tend to age. Time never stops and neither life stops. When we see couple of things we realize that we have aged and things have changed so much. The childhood memories brings a smile on us. Here are some little real life things that makes us realize how time flies by:

Little Real Life Things That Makes You Realize How Time Flies By
Little Real Life Things That Makes You Realize How Time Flies By | image source: favim

An old pic:

If you get a chance, do have a look at some of your old pics. You will be surprised to see that you looked lot more prettier and innocent in your pictures. If you have achieved something the past, do have a look. You will cherish those memories.

Natural calamities:

If you had been a part of natural calamities that had affected your life and if you think about it you will realize that it is over and you are out of it. Example: Tsunami. It affected the lives of many and it is a matter of past.


Have you recently seen the Re. 1 and Rs. 2 note? These notes were discontinued years back. Yes, time has flown and it is a matter of past.

Roadies Winner:

Remember the hero of Roadies? No, not Raghuram! Ranvijay  became the winner of the popular reality show called Roadies, 10 years back. Today, he is one among the judges of Roadies who  runs the show unbiased.

Kargil war:

Yes, those were the difficult days when kargil war was going on. India lost several soldiers, but came out victoriously. The kargil was carried out 15 years ago.

Even Hansika Motwani makes me feel how time flies by. Few years back, we saw her in Koi Mil Gaya and then after that in Himesh’s Apka Suroor. That was a real surprise (rather, shock).

Time and tide waits for none and this is so true. Just go back and recall some of the best times of your life and cherish it. Let us know your feedback.

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