Must Follow Fashion Tips For Women Ft.

Must Follow Fashion Tips For Women Ft.

Life Hacks: Fashion Tips For Women

Women these days love to experiment with what they wear. From trying out every possible style of outfit available at the store to making their way around in order to come up with what they want, the options for women are far too many. The new age influences can be clearly seen on women’s clothing too. By incorporating various elements from fashion savvy streets around the world, tops for women too have raised their bar a notch higher. However, it’s not just the current trends that are turning heads these days, influences from the yesteryears or oriental civilizations too prove to be a major hit when used systematically.

Must Follow Fashion Tips For Women Ft.
Must Follow Fashion Tips For Women Ft. | image:favim

In order to keep up with the ever evolving fashion scene, we give you a few tips that would certainly come handy when you need them the most:

1) Learn the trick to get ready, fast:

Do you always have your boyfriend, father, or brother complaining about taking a lot of time to get ready? Keep a set of clothes which could be your go-to option in that case. A bow tie is an excellent accessory that could be used in such situations, as it goes well on most outfits. Also choose clothes based on how they complement with your skin colour. Keeping a large collection of these will enable you to pick up just about anything of that colour and make you look flattering no matter where you go.

2) Know the Rules of showing skin:

There’s a fine line between making yourself look sexy and exposing too much at one go. In order to excel at the art of showing the right amount of skin, pay attention to where you’re baring the skin from. If you’re flaunting your cleavage with a deep V neck line or a tube top, then refrain from wearing something short below the waist. Similarly, if you’re wearing a short skirt or a short dress, then you may want to use a scarf or a jacket to add a touch of elegance to your ensemble.

3) Go bright and bold with your accessories:

While choosing garments for the day, you may want to tone things down one day, while going crazy, wild, on the other. But if you’re pairing your ensemble with accessories, then you do expect a few heads to turn around, if not all! In order to do justice to what the accessories are meant for, it is best to choose big, bright, and bold ones. As these can complement subtle as well as bright clothes alike. Also, mix and match between different items, such as wearing chains with feathers or pearls. These may work wonders for your ensemble if used in the right manner.

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