Keeping A Stress Log To Escape The Bad Vibes

Keeping A Stress Log To Escape The Bad Vibes

We have multiple things to be carried out in life such that we automatically invite stress.  Weekends are fun, but the moment we start thinking about Monday blues, we are disappointed.  A 2013 poll reveals that 78% of the public starts feeling down on Sunday evenings. Here is the stress-busting tool to help you out to deal with stress:

Grab your diary and write:

Keeping A Stress Log To Escape The Bad Vibes
Keep A Stress Log To Escape The Bad Vibes | image:tumblr

Heard of stress log? There could be several reasons for us to be stressed and each day the reasons could be different. There are numerous things that keep us occupied and there are numerous thoughts that hit us on daily basis. The problems are unending but thinking about them constantly will not give us any solution.  The best way to pass the problems from them is to write it down. Let the problems be transferred from your body to the paper.

Start from the biggest stress of your life i.e. the problem that is bothering you so much currently. Do not go to the past directly and start getting upset. Your motto is to lighten your heart and not burden it. Let the top most problem be put in the paper.  Now find out the reasons behind it. Check if the problem is temporary or is it going to hamper you long time.

Also check if the problem is created by you? Are you giving it more importance? If yes, then you need to calm down and talk to yourself that the problem can be easily solved. It is all a state of mind. Likewise, you can list all the problems that are bothering you. You will sooner find your head and heart lighter.

Thus, stress can be easily tackled if you allow it to go. Do not give much space to the problems and it will soon vanish.

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