Is Technology Ruining Our Lives
Is Technology Ruining Our Lives

Is Technology Ruining Our Lives?

We live in a world which is ruled by technology. There cannot be a single moment where we are away from our gadgets. Yes, we are addicted to it. We have lost human touch and most of the times texting keeps us busy.

Technology has definitely ruined our lives. No longer kids are seen carrying out outdoor activities such as fishing, camping, running and so on. Most of them are busy playing video games and Television. Here are some ways to take a break from technology:

Monitor your social media image:

Calculate the amount of time that you spend  on social media. See how much time you are on chat applications. You will be surprised to know that you spend most of the times on social media platforms. Set some time to be away from social networking sites.

Work time VS. Leisure Time:

Work while you work and play while you play. Do not try multitasking. You can set a timer. After you achieve certain work, you can log-in to your accounts and check the updates.

Take a travel tour:

Yes, traveling will help you to spend time with self and your loved ones. Choose a place which is technology free and where aren’t any networks. You can go for hiking. If you love water sports, try them out. Read a book or try for a backyard barbeque. Enjoy the serene beauty of nature. Let your smartphone rest for a while.

Technology has given some of the best benefits to us. It has made life simpler. But, we are too greedy to use it to the fullest such that it has framed us. It is always better to balance the life and set exclusive times for work and self.

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