How To Learn A New Language In No Time?

Learning a new language (whether foreign or regional) is always fun. I learned Spanish and French. I am still learning French as I want to become pro in it. I know 2-3 regional Indian languages as well. It’s always great to learn new words and phrases of other languages. I enjoy it. And as you are here reading this article, I am assuming that you too are interesting in learning a new language but in no time?

So, without wasting time in chit-chatting, here are the easiest tips to learn a new language in no time:

How To Learn A New Language In No Time?
How To Learn A New Language In No Time? |

Start with 50 words:

You can choose the simplest and easiest of first 50 words and start using them while talking to people. Do not worry about grammatical errors initially.

Make it a daily habit:

If you are planning to learn a foreign language, you need to use it regularly. Try using in day-to-day life and you will soon make it as a habit. You need to spend couple of hours every day to remember the words and their meaning. The best way is to make a note of the words and frame sentences.

Write out the grammar:

Once you have picked up the words, the next step is to work on grammar. Start using the words in sentences and follow the grammar.

Use technology:

There are several technologies that can help you out to learn the new language faster. Anki is one such popular software that will help you to memorize words using flashcards. Duo-lingo is another free software which helps in seeing and  translating the words.

Do not worry about making mistakes:

Mistakes are meant to happen and it is ok to commit an error when you are learning something new. You make mistakes and learn from them.

Listen and read daily:

You can read some books related to your new language. Download some videos with subtitles and make a note of the most frequently used words. Have a look at the relevant pictures and try learning from them.

Be it a foreign language or a regional language, it is always fun to learn a new language. Try out these simple tips and let us know if they could help you out. Do let me know which language you are interested to learn!

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