How Much Money Do You Make
How Much Money Do You Make

How Much Money Do You Make? Answer To This Question!

This is the most frequently asked question and it is too difficult to reveal the money that we earn every month. It’s kind of personal I really feel. And for a writer like me, it becomes more difficult as people keep on cross-questioning about the earnings. I think it’s because of the myth that people in unconventional career doesn’t make much money. I finally found ways to deal with this question. Here are some best ways ways to give a bouncer to this question:

In an interview:

This is the most frequent question asked in a job interview and you have no choice, but, to answer it. You will be asked “What are your salary requirements?” You do not have to give an exact number, but, can give a  range that would justify the bigger challenge that you would have to handle if you take up the role.

With a colleague:

Your colleague might ask you your salary just to know if you are under-paid or over-paid. He or she might also compare with their own salary. But, it is always wise to stay mum and deviate from the topic. You can share some tips to negotiate the compensation amount. Remember, not to be rude to your colleague.

Family members:

It becomes too difficult to answer your salary matters to your family members, isn’t it? You do not have to disclose your exact salary, but let them know that you can manage the amount to run a family as well as your own expenses. Also, share about the trainings and other achievements that you achieved, due to the company initiative and challenging role.

Your partner:

You need to be honest with your partner. You can borrow some time from your partner and let him/her know that it is a lengthy discussion and can be discussed only when there is ample time.

Your so-called friends:

You can just ignore the topic or give them a range. You do not have to discuss all your financial details with your so-called friends.

Follow these simple tips and deal with your salary question. Let me know if you any more ways to answer to how much do you earn?

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