How Color Psychology Can Make You Happier At Home

How Color Psychology Can Make You Happier At Home

A house plays a major role in your life. If you aren’t at peace when you are back home or are having sleepless nights, here are things that you must consider about color psychology:

How Color Psychology Can Make You Happier At Home
How Color Psychology Can Make You Happier At Home image:tumblr


Make our entrance more colorful.  You can add bright colors and polka dots. The moment people enter your place, the happy mood begins.

Easygoing entrance:

You can use gray and white to draw visitors to the next room.


A dark and navy bedroom is all for drama. If you want your bedroom to be relaxing and romantic, try some hues of pink and rose.

Living Room:

For a peaceful living room, navy blue color is more advisable. You can use orange and pink for a whimsy living room.


Yes, a kitchen has to be attractive. How about vibrant red? You can also have painted tiles to add charm to the kitchen.

Dining room:

Paint your dining room with yellow if you want  to smile more. If class and sophistication is what defines you, go fro hues of pink.


A bathroom must always be calm and relaxing. It must give you a spa like feeling. Opt for some nude colors to the bathroom. Warm hues can be used for some cozy bathroom.


If you want to stay inspired and motivated, you can go with bold green. Let the creativity flow. You can also opt for yellow workstation, if you want to attract joy and happiness.


Let the color of the library be teal if you want to stay inspired.White is recommended if you want more focus.

Thus, colors have different meaning to life. You can add these colors to your house and see the difference in your life.

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