Embrace Your Time Being Single

Yes, if you haven’t given a though about it, you must re-think of your relationship status. Single? Wow, what more can you long for in life? Being single is the best way to fall in love with self. Being single doesn’t mean that you aren’t good at relationships, it means that you have enough patience to wait for the right one. Here are few ways to embrace your time being single:

Embrace Your Time Being Single
Embrace Your Time Being Single | image:tumblr

Focus on you:

When was the last time when you thought about self?  You would have had many wishes and desires? Did you ever tried working upon them or time was always a constraint.  It is the time to finish the unfinished task that you long wanted to do.

It is ok not to date:

You do not have to be in a relationship all the time. There might be thousand questions coming from friends and relatives regarding your relationship status. It is always cool to say a no.

Taking decisions:

Isn’t it liberating to take all the decision by self. Be it your favourite movie or food, you can always choose for the one that you would want to go. No longer you have to sacrifice your  plans and venues for others.

Makes your more strong:

If you haven’t given a though about it, just think what changes have occurred when you were in a relation and when you were not. You have become more stronger internally. Your emotional quotient has also balanced because you have learn better things than merely being in a relation.

Thus, if you are single, you have ample things to cherish about. You do not have to be envious about your friends or colleagues just because they are committed. You have your own life. Cheer it up!

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