Dog Lover’s Guide To Keep The House Clean

If you have a dog at your house, you need to be extra efforts to clean the house. Some of the quickest and effective tips will save you time. Here are some of the best tips to keep your house clean when a dog is homie!

Dog Lover's Guide To Keep The House Clean
Dog Lover’s Guide To Keep The House Clean | image:tumblr

Keep the fur from flying:

Where there are dogs, furs are there. Take out five minutes from your schedule and brush your dog everyday.  This will also remove the flaky skin and your dog will love being brushed. Do try it out! You can also use a sniffer as it is better than a broom.

Pet odours:

Yes, one of the most common thing to deal with is the pet odor.The entire house has an odour that is unbearable. The best thing that you can do is use your kitchen products to get rid of it.  Take some baking soda and sprinkle in on the carpet. Allow it to be there for few hours and vacuum it. The place will be lot better. You can also spray vinegar in the air to lighten the odour.

Stop muddy paws at the door:

You can place the mats at the entrance of the door. When the dog is back from the walk, ensure that the mat is used to clear off the dirt or else the entire house would become dirty. You can opt for a washable mat.

Use pet messes:

If your pet is injured or is bleeding, it is better to deal with it instantly.  Clean the spot and other places so that there are no stains and odours left. Use pet messes.

Thus, dealing with a pet is not easy. You need to train your dog so that the house is maintained. Pamper your dog, but at the same time be clear about the hygiene.

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