Do You Work To Live OR Live To Work?

This is one question that everyone must think once in lifetime.  Most often we are so occupied in life such that we tend to forget to live. If you are a lifestyle entrepreneur, you will be overloaded with work. Here are some tips to live a sorted life and work for your dreams:

Do You Work To Live OR Live To Work?
Do You Work To Live OR Live To Work? | image:tumblr

Start with your  life:

Being a lifestyle entrepreneur, you must also focus on your life. When you choose to take work, always ensure that you lead a life. Once you are done with this you can think how can you fit the work love into life.

Ask questions:

You cannot directly jump into work before knowing the reason behind it. You can do a thorough research and analyze your ideas rather than attempting and failing into it. If you are into particular niche, you can ask questions such as:

  • Who will buy this niche?
  • What products or services do they buy?
  • How to communicate with them?

Work base:

You need to have a base to promote your business and what better way than a website. Renting a place becomes too expensive.  You can create a website that has a Homepage, About Page, Resource Page, product/service page and Contact Us page. These Pages will suffice your purpose.


There is no use of creating a business page and not promoting it. People must be aware that you are a lifestyle entrepreneur and have best of the ideas to assist them. Create a facebook page and keep updating it. Tweet about your latest work and other products and services that you offer.

Thus, being a lifestyle entrepreneur is not easy. However, this is the best way to work into the field that you have always desired for. Do share your feedback with us.

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