Can You Eat Food You’ve Dropped On The Floor?

All of us clean our house on daily basis, don’t we? But, that doesn’t mean that the house is free of dust and germs. Gone are the days when the environment was pure and pollution free. Today, the air we breathe is also polluted. There are times when the food that we eat, suddenly trips off from the hand and falls off. What do you do? Pick the food and eat it or just throw it in the bin?

Can You Eat Food You've Dropped On The Floor?
Can You Eat Food You’ve Dropped On The Floor? | Image:favim

We are instructed not to eat the fallen food from the floor, right from the early age. But, there are times when we do not think about any logic and just pick the fallen food and consume it. It is said that the food that we pick up within 5 secs from the floor, is free of bacteria, but it is false. There are some scientific reasons as in why one shouldn’t eat the fallen food.

The bacteria will not be time conscious. Whether is it 5 seconds or 10 seconds, it will stick to your food, the moment it is dropped on the floor. It just takes microseconds for the bacteria to cling on to the food. You would have cleaned your home with chemicals to ensure that they are free from the germs, but it might not be the case. Your house will still have dust, though it might not be visible.

There are around 9000 species of microbes in our homes. Surprising, isn’t it?  The human body sheds almost 40 million bacteria in every hour as per the research. The dry food carries less bacteria than the wet food. If you have strong immune system, your body can fight against these microbes.

Thus, next time do not eat the food that has tasted the floor.

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