Best Ways To Recover From Pulling An All-Nighter

There are times when we have to stay awake the entire night to get the work done. With me, it’s very common. I think I have now become a pro in pulling an all-nighter.(Ummm! It’s 2:19 AM right now. I think tonight I’d be night-owling around).

So if you and I are on the same page and you are wondering how you could skip the sleep and still feel better?

Best Ways To Recover From Pulling An All Nighter
Best Ways To Recover From Pulling An All Nighter -image:tumblr

Well, here you go!

Take a nap:

You can take a nap in between and avoid sleeping for long. A nap of 15 minutes is beneficial and you will feel refreshed after you wake up.


Most of the times we rely on caffeine and sodas to supply us with energy. Have you ever tried with water? Yes, simple plain water will help you to stay hydrated which in-turn will keep you fresh. You can also drink lemon juice or milk.

Don’t workout:

If you are lacking sleep, it is better not to workout in late evenings. You will tend to use more energy and might feel tired easily. You can wait for a day to hit the gym. If you wish to breathe fresh, take a walk.

Eat properly:

Avoid eating too less or too much.  Do not eating junk or processed food as they will make you lazy. You can try lean protein and complex carbohydrates as they will provide long term energy rather than short term. Also,eat short meals. Try three meals per day.


Yes, we cannot ignore caffeine products as they are the ones that will help us to be an all-nighter. You can limit your consumption. Do not gulp too many cups of coffee after an all-nighter. Keep it limited to 2 or 3. Remember an overdose of caffeine will leave you sleep deprived and restless.

If you have to spend extra hours working in the night, you can plan it in advance and start preparing your body 2-3 in days in advance. However, do not make it a habit. And if you have been through an all-nighter last night, then do make sure you follow these things to recover from it.

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