Best Places In India For Best Tea-Stalls

There are many chai lovers in India and it is a daily habit to start the day with a cup of chai. If you love trying out different types of chai, here are some best places in India for best tea-stalls and amazing chai:

Best Places In India For Best Tea-Stalls
Best Places In India For Best Tea-Stalls

Lahaul and Spiti:

If you are o a bike ride or are traveling by a car, you need to stop at Chhatru which lies on the way to Kunzum La. Order for a cup of tea. The Spitian tea is served with Tsampa. You may find many nearby hotels, but this place has its own speciality.


Kashmir, the paradise in India, not only is popular for scenic beauty, but is also well known for offering several types of tea. Kahwa chai is popular in Kashmir which is served with flavoured biscuits. This chai is good for health and keeps you warm in the cold climate.


If you like the hair pins and bends (of course, I am talking about roads) then right now, you should be at ooty. The climate is super cool there and the chai adds charm to the journey. You will see several small joints where chocolate chai, masala chai, green tea and other flavours are served. Do not miss a visit to Bharat Tea Company and get some tea powder for sure.


Try out the tea that is made at Subhash Chowk. The flavor of the tea is sure to impress you.


A land of tea planation is sure to have some of the best chai for all the visitors. You must try the chai at Kolukkumalai Tea Estate. The green tea is said to be the most authentic one at Munnar. There are tea markets wherein you can purchase the tea at discounted price.


The darjeeling tea is popular worldwide. I know, no explanation is required for this one.

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