9 Fun Things To Do With Your Mummy. Happy Mother’s Day!

9 Fun Things To Do With Your Mummy

Mother’s day it is! 1 Sunday that should totally be planned around mothers. I am not going to go down deep in writing why mother’s day is special and bla bla. I know you already know it. So, straight away jumping to 9 fun things to with your mummy on this mother’s day.

And yes, I am not including the mother’s day special brunch idea or cook-your-mom’s-favorite-dish idea. I know these are the most common things one can do.

9 fun things to do with your mummy
9 fun things to do with your mummy

So, here the fresh and new list of 9 fun things to do with your mummy:

1) Take your mum for a shopping spree. All moms love shopping. And yes, don’t forget to say ‘shop whatever your want today’.

2) Plan a unique weekend getaway with your mom. Take her for hiking or camping.

3) Karaoke at home? It’s a brilliant idea. Go for it.

4) And what about dance in-house party? Play your mom’s favorite old songs (Bachchan’s or Helen’s songs would do the magic) and dance your heart out with your mom. She will love it.

P.S: This one is my favorite… And it works even more because my mom is a Bachchan fan.

5) Host a game night. If you mom loves to play cards or chess or any other indoor game (maybe Ludo) , then go for it.

6) …you can also plan a movie date night with your mom. Watch some old classics or maybe, some fresh releases. Ask what your mom wants to watch.

7) Forget cooking or making your mom cook. Give your maid a day off. Order food from outside and have fun while playing or watching movie.

8) Do your mom’s favorite activity (hobby). Like if your mom loves gardening, spend some time with her in the garden helping her and taking care of her beloved flowers.

9) Dress-up and click pictures. Oh yes! Selfie-session is always fun with mom, especially when you mom is on social media.

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