9 Delightful Ways To Live Life With No Regrets

Okay! So, you have decided to live a grudge-free, guilt-free life with no regrets. But often we do things that makes us regret after sometime… and at times, we don’t do things that too makes us regret!

‘I wish I would have tried that… I wish I would have said that… I wish I wouldn’t have done that…’

If you don’t to do this to yourself after some years, then here are9 delightful ways to live life with no regrets:

9 Delightful Ways To Live Life With No Regrets
9 Delightful Ways To Live Life With No Regrets | image:asiatrvl.com

1. Try out things that you haven’t:

There is no harm in trying out things even if you aren’t good at it. It will always add to your experience. It is better to try and fail rather than not attempting at all. You can master it slowly or try and leave it. The choice is absolutely yours.

2. Stand up for yourself and others:

There are times when your opinion is not of any value to others. If you are in favour of anything or anyone, you still can stick to it. You do not have to later your views just to be in good books of others.

3. Do not fear of rejections:

There are many among us who do not attempt things due to the fear of rejection and failure. It is absolutely ok to fail. You never know the results could be positive as well.

4. Listen to your inner voice:

There are times when we have conflict between the inner voice and ourselves. There are things that we wish to do but the gut feeling says no. Our intuition warns us but we do not pay any heed.Thus, listen to your conscience and think twice before stepping ahead.

5. Share your feelings with others:

We may have feelings towards others, but we fail to express them. We want to compliment our best friend but we do not. Likewise, we want to share our feelings to others but we refrain. Talk to your besties and open up.

6. Be OK with embarrassment:

If you are attempting for public speaking or say participating in an extempore, do not fear embarrassment. Mistakes are common and everybody does it. It is OK sometimes. Do not be hard on yourself if you happen to commit a blunder.

7. Admit when you are wrong:

There is no use in constantly arguing and defending if you are wrong. Accept your mistake and apologize it. Keep aside your pride and ego and think about long term relation.

8. Forgive others:

I know it is difficult to forgive and forget. But, you have to do it for the sake of your happiness. There is no use of carrying the baggage of others. Do not allow the past to ruin your future. It is better to learn from the mistakes and move on. The most essential thing is to forget it completely.

9. Hang out with right people:

Be in the company of right people and feel comfortable. if you get negative vibes from your friend or colleague, stay away from him or her. If you dislike hypocrites, do not mingle with them.

These small tips can make your life worth living. Live a grudge free and happy life.

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