7 Wonderful Tips To Have Happier Mornings

The mornings are the best time to be with oneself. We all love the sunrise, the chirping of the birds, the crowing of the rooster, the calm air and the lovely climate in the early mornings. If you stay nearby a lake, do walk in sometimes and feel the freshness of the nature. A fresh and better morning can make you feel energetic throughout the day. Wondering how to make a happier morning? Here are 7 tips for happier mornings:

7 Wonderful Tips To Have Happier Mornings
7 Wonderful Tips To Have Happier Mornings | image:tumblr

Prepare yourself mentally:

We all are experienced at ignoring the alarms. We tend to play with the snooze button and keep delaying the wake up time. This makes us more lazy and gives an adrenaline rush when we are late for our daily chores. Thus, preparing yourself mentally can make you happier throughout the day. Set your alarm 15 minutes ahead and use that time to prepare yourself mentally to wake up. Think about your immediate action rather than planning for the entire day. You can think about the breakfast that you are going to prepare or exercises or a walk in the park that you would carry out after waking up.


It is the best way to awaken your entire body. Do not open your eyes and start the stretching exercises. Let your fingers, toes, hands, legs, stomach, chest, hips. bones, neck, ankles and all the other parts of the body stretch completely. This will increase the blood flow to the entire body including the oxygen supply. All the chakras will be activated and the body will be mentally prepared to jump from the bed.

Add a vitamin supplement:

The body need vitamins to function properly. If your daily diet provides you sufficient vitamins to the body, there is no requirement of the supplement. However, it isn’t true in real life. Thus, take a multivitamin pill early in the morning. You can consult your doctor if you wish to take an opinion.

Motivate yourself:

We all need to motivate our self to fulfill our goals. You can start your day with meditation. You can listen to motivational speeches or videos early in the mornings. These talks will make you feel better and happier. There are times when we are stressed and emotionally imbalanced, motivation is must during those times.

No decisions please!

It is better to avoid taking decisions early in the morning. Remember, your stomach is empty from the last night. Thus, it has to be filled first. A satisfied stomach signals your brain better than an  empty stomach.

Allow the sun rays to enter:

Do not close your windows completely. Let there be some space for the sun rays to enter and wake you up in the mornings. The early sun rays are also good for health. It also helps to increase the adrenaline thereby signaling brain to wake up. The melatonin production will be less in the early mornings.

Hug your loved ones:

Loving and being loved is the best way to begin your day with. Give a warm hug to your family members. Cuddle up with your spouse and children and feel loved.

Let not a single morning be spoiled henceforth. Start a wonderful morning to have an amazing day. Spoiling your mood early in the mornings will keep you frustrated and irritated throughout the day. Ensure that you are at mental peace with yourself at first. Accept yourself as you are and avoid any negatives thoughts in the mornings. Do let us know if you can g\few more tips to make happier mornings.

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