7 Tips For Finding An Affordable Apartment

7 Tips For Finding An Affordable Apartment

An apartment can give you a super good feel once you are back from your work. But, affording a luxurious apartment can be slightly difficult. It’s okay to think about saving money, after all it’s your money. And rent is (according to me) the worst bill one pays. Heart crushes, when you transfer bulk amount to your land-lord. So, here are tips for finding an affordable apartment. These tips will surely help you save money.

7 Tips For Finding An Affordable Apartment
7 Tips For Finding An Affordable Apartment |

Get roommates:

Sharing is good. If you have an apartment that is expensive, why not ask some friend to move in with you? Your rent and maintenance can be easily divided.

Try the brand new apartments:

Some of the owners offer a free stay during the first month as there property is new. They also offer other freebies. Hunt for such property.

The middle floors:

Rent is too high for the lower and upper floors. The middle floors are always a better option. You will  not be disturbed by the outdoors, neither you have to climb too many steps to reach the top floor, when the lift is under maintenance.

Know what you need:

If you know what you need, you can always negotiate for things that you do not need or are not going to use. For example: The parking lot

Do not wait:

There are times when the deal is cracked, do not wait for other offers. Just finalize the deal and go ahead with it.


If the house is not painted and need little repairing, you can always pay less or ask the owner to do it. You can propose your budget of getting things done by yourself and can negotiate the rent.

Choose the amenities:

If the house is fully furnished, you need to pay extra for the amenities that you are using. Hence, opt only for those that you might be needing. You can save money.

Hope this article has been informative to you. Do try out these tips while you are hunting for an apartment. Let us know your feedback.

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