7 Professional Habits To Be Developed By Mid-Twenties

7 Professional Habits To Be Developed By Mid-Twenties

Yes, you need to possess some professionalism by the time you cross your mid-twenties. 24-26 age is the best time to develop your personality which can make you shine all through your life. Personality and professional habits can make or break your career. Here are few must follow professional habits to be developed by mid-twenties:

7 Professional Habits To Be Developed By Mid-Twenties
7 Professional Habits To Be Developed By Mid-Twenties

Facebook privacy settings:

You do not want to be public with everything that you do, do you? Keep your facebook profile hidden from those you do not want to share with. Change your photo privacy settings.

Build your LinkedIn profile:

If you want to grow professionally, you must be on LinkedIn. It is  a professional networking site that allows you to connect with industry professionals. Be active on your profile and keep updating your professional achievements.

Update your CV in every 6 months:

If you are there for a new job search or not, it is always better to update your CV. You can mention about your new skill sets, experience, project and other such vital information.

Send a Thank-you note:

If you have met someone for professional purpose, do not forget to thank the person via a mail. It shows you are professional and are glad to meet the person.

Know your worth:

You are no longer a teenage who fails to understand the basic rules of life. You must be be able to assess yourself. Carry out a SWOT analysis and find out about yourself. You must also have taken few jobs and projects, thus be calculated before taking u p next project.

Learn how to network:

Needless to say that networking is vital for professional growth. Try attending workshops and seminars and meet like minded-people. Grow your professional circle.

Be organized:

Do not wait for last minute to gear up with your projects or submit your files or prepare your CV. Always be ahead of time and stay organized.

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