7 Airport Hacks To Remember Before Your Next Flight

Traveling is one of the activity that all of us carry out in our life. If you frequently travel by flights, here are few airport hacks that must be known to you.  Trust us, these hacks will save a lot of time.

7 Airport Hacks To Remember Before Your Next Flight
7 Airport Hacks To Remember Before Your Next Flight | image:Favim

Carry spare ziploc bags:

You need to keep your liquids separately in a clear transparent poly bag that is easy to be examined. Thus, always carry an extra ziploc bag if you are planning to make a purchase at the last minute.

Freeze your liquids:

If you are on a long flight, the best thing to do is freeze your liquids. This will save you from the airport securities.

Pack your snacks:

Most of the products are overpriced on airports, so it is better you carry them from home.

Water bottle:

No longer you have to waste money on purchasing water bottles. You can carry an empty water bottle and refill it in the canteen.


If you hate standing in the queue for a long time, pick the check point that is farthest. Usually the left side ones are slightly free when compared to the right ones. For example, I usually head towards the corner most checkpoint as most of the times, its free.

VIP airport lounge:

If you fly frequently, you can take a membership at the VIP lounge as they are comfortable and full of modern amenities. I’d suggest, PriorityPass is the best one you can opt for.

Wear your extra luggage:

Yes, you can carry only a certain amount of weight. If you are exceeding the weight, take out the heaviest dress and wear it. You can also wear layers so that the weight issue is sorted out.

Flight timings:

If you hate the jam packed airports, take a flight which is past 10.00 pm. You can sleep till you reach the destination.

Follow these airport hacks for a hassle free journey.

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