5 Steps To Pack Perfect Carry-On Suitcase Like A Pro

I am not going to talk much in this post. I know you wish to know those 5 easy steps to pack perfect carry-on suitcase like pro. That’s a good thing. Most important thing to remember while packing your carry-on suitcase is you have to keep it light because you are one to carry it.

5 Steps To Pack Perfect Carry-On Suitcase Like A Pro
5 Steps To Pack Perfect Carry-On Suitcase Like A Pro image:tumblr

…and now, here you go!

Make a packing list:

Once you have decided  with the destination and number of days stay, make a packing list as per your trip. Make the list depending upon the season, the members and the places that you are visiting.

Number of clothes:

Do not go with an assumption that you will need this as well as that. Do not carry clothes more that that is required. You can carry 1 denim, comfy tees, night shorts, inner-wear and other things that are important.


If you have worn some beautiful clothes, you must also accessorize. There are times when clothes look adorable only when they go with right accessory.  Do not hunt for accessories at the last minute. Keep it ready available. Avoid keeping 10 different accessories for 10 pair of clothes, until you are going for a shoot or something. Keep it light and take up the accessory which goes with all of your outfits.

Separate your daily cosmetics:

Yes, we cannot step out without makeup. Be it the daily face wash or the foundation, we need them when we travel. Let the kajal, lipstick, face wash, face cream, eye shadow and other cosmetics be kept separately  so that they do not spill or spread easily.


Yes, footwear are as essential as your clothes. And you need them to complete your trip, don’t you? You entire look will be spoiled if you wear  the wrong with the right attire. At the same time do not carry too many footwear’ as they are bulky. Also, avoid taking high heels if you are girl. Go for flats and lazy slip-ons. They save space.

Hope this article has been informative to you. These are some of the basic tips that every traveller must follow.  A heavy suitcase is difficult to carry and your entire trip might be spoiled due to this. Thus, be choosy with what you are carrying and make it limited. Let us know your input.

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